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Annapolis Brothers Power Washing is a leader in the power washing industry. We believe that putting the customer first every single time is the way to get things done and keep our customers happy! With professionalism, excellently trained staff, and our unique processes, we can handle any tough exterior power washing job that comes our way. We’re known for getting the job done well. Just ask some of our former customers!

Not all power washing companies do the same quality work. Choose Annapolis Brothers Power Washing for a company that understands the importance of quality work. We aim to satisfy our customers 100%. We give you the service you deserve but quality also means a good referral to your friends and family that keeps us working next week. We appreciate the business from each of our customers, and thank everyone for the great reviews. With Annapolis Brothers Power Washing you’re getting:

Concrete Driveways

Deck Restoration

Deck Washing

Fence Painting

Graffiti Removal

Gutter Cleaning

Power Washing

Roof Cleaning Soft Washing

Window Cleaning

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All About Annapolis Brothers Power Washing

Annapolis Brothers Power Washing has been serving the residents of Anne Arundel County with experienced power washing solutions for more than 15 years. We also serve Severna Park and all the rest of Anne Arundel County. With our years of experience, we can do it all! We provide high quality services that include power washing and pressure washing your deck, siding, brick, and roof.


Power Washing Services Annapolis MD

Soft Wash House Washing

In MD, especially in Southern MD, it’s not uncommon to see mold and mildew on our roofs and siding. Many homeowners are afraid that if they have their roof and siding power washed it will damage the surface. To a point, that concern if valid!

That’s where soft washing comes in. A soft wash uses low pressure when cleaning more delicate surfaces. 1000 psi or lower combined with a nonabrasive environmentally friendly cleaner removes elements like mold, algae, pollen, and other things from your home without damaging the surfaces of your home or killing plants. 

You can imagine how much of a better option this is for your home. With Annapolis Brothers Power Washing, our soft wash process includes a fungicide that continues to fight mold and mildew for over a year after it’s applied. Not only does your roof and siding get clean but we offer continuing protection until the next time it needs done! 

Where Did We Learn The Art of Soft Wash House Cleaning

UAMCC (United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners)

PWNA (Power Washers of North America)

PWRA (Pressure Washing Resources Association)

UAMCC is an organization for all mobile contract cleaners. Companies that do power washing, window cleaning, general cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc… all would benefit from this organization. They offer UAMCC training certification also as proof of training. 

PWNA is a trade organization like UAMCC but they’re specific to the power washing industry. They do the same thing as UAMCC but they’re industry specific. They also offer official PWNA training and certification to present to customers are proof of training. 

PWRA is a resource association for pressure washing business owners to grow their business with marketing templates and other business tools. PWRA does not aim to provide certification or industry “policing”. PWRA only provides tools and resources for companies to grow. 

We joined all three to make sure that us and our customers reap the benefits of each. 

Wooden Deck Restoration

Is your deck getting older? Decks are very much exposed to the elements. Snow, rain, heat, dirt, debris, mildew, etc… Over time, even the most laid out and protected decks start to show their age. 

Deck Washing

Every deck, no matter it’s age, needs regular maintenance. Try our deck washing services today. If it’s just a clean that’s needed our deck washing services have you covered. We have the tools and the skills to clean your deck properly without damaging the wood and it’s finish. We know just how much pressure to apply to get the job done right!

Deck Staining

Over time, every deck begins to wear out and look aged and worn down. Staining and sealing the wood will not only seal it from moisture getting in, but it will allow moisture that’s there to escape from the wood. Further, the more tint that the stain has, the less resistant to fading and moisture it has. Our technicians are trained and qualified to do what’s best for the health of your deck.

When you choose our contractors, we will ensure you that your deck does not suffer further damages by using top quality wood stains to protect the wood. The key to long lasting and successful deck staining is maintaining the finish. We recommend that deep cleaning should be done on a yearly basis, and maintenance coats of stain should be applied every couple of years to ensure lasting results that will keep your deck looking ageless and beautiful. Save time and call the professionals. We come prepared for any size task you have waiting for us!

When is it ok to use High Pressure

High pressure washing is not all a negative thing. You want to use high pressure when you’re dealing with stone finishes such as brick exteriors, concrete, patios and walkways, and other surfaces that can withstand high pressures. 

Cleaning Brick Exteriors

Annapolis Brothers Power Washing has years of experience cleaning brick surfaces. We power wash just about everything, but we understand that special care has to be taken when power washing brick homes and walls. 

Special measures have to be taken when cleaning a brick surface. A pressure washing company that knows what they’re doing will use the proper cleaner and pressure to clean the brick and remove all dirt, grime, mildew, fungus, etc… without causing damage to the brick or mortar joints. 

Concrete Cleaning 

Annapolis Brothers Power Washing offers premium concrete cleaning services. Cleaning your concrete can significantly improve the aesthetics of your house and raise the value. It can also improve your family’s health by removing all of the dirt and contaminants that make their way into your home through high traffic areas such as sidewalks, driveways, concrete porches, and retainer walls. Rain, condensation, and debris from surrounding landscape need more than just a soft wash. Annapolis Brothers Power Washing can get your concrete clean again!

Driveway Cleaning

Do you have a driveway that’s filthy? Driveways are a special concern. They accumulate substances that other concrete surfaces do not. In addition to the normal dirt and debris that gets onto walkways and porches, driveways accumulate spots from vehicles. Oil, washer fluid, runoff from the AC, etc.. can cause unsightly stains on the driveway which are not only unhealthy but lower your home’s value. Our temperature-controlled pressure washing service can safely and effectively remove years of neglect! We use specialized professional power washing equipment to make sure that your driveway can look and be the best that it can be. 

Patios and Walkways

Annapolis Brothers Power Washing’s patio and walkway services are able to clean any type of concrete, brick, or stone patio or walkway. A safe pressure and appropriate cleanser is applied to remove all of the dirt, algae, and contaminants that have built up over time. Our company specializes in restoring your patio and walkways to like new condition. Once we’re done, you can lounge, relax, and enjoy your clean patio. Contact Annapolis Brothers Power Washing today for a pricing quote!

Rust Removal and Graffiti Removal 

There are many different types of stains that can exist outside of your home or office building. There’s nothing like rust or graffiti’s colors to jump off of whatever they’re sitting on and catch everyone’s eye. Rust and graffiti are hard to remove and they can ruin the aesthetics of a house or commercial building.


We all know how difficult it is to remove rust stains, unless you are one of the professionals at Annapolis Brothers Power Washing. Our technicians have taken the time out to learn how to remove rust stains from just about any surface that you can think of. We’re armed with the correct cleaning chemicals, and the tools needed to get rid of rust stains completely.


Nothing is worse than having someone come by and tag your house or commercial building. It’s vandalism. Not only is it an eyesore, it starts to diminish the value of the whole community! No community has to tolerate graffiti. Please join us in helping rid Annapolis of graffiti and maintaining the beauty of our city. 

What can we remove?

Spray Paint

Latex Paint

Enamel Paint


Pen Ink


From surfaces like:


Cinder Blocks

Other concrete surfaces

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Window Cleaning

We clean windows the tried and true traditional way. There’s no need to blast dirt off of windows so we use a simple scrubber and squeegee. We’re able to get your residential or commercial windows sparkling clean. 

Over time, our windows get dirty naturally. You may even be used to seeing them dirty so you don’t really “see” the cleaning need. Don’t let that stop you from calling in a professional. You would be surprised at how much of a difference in a home’s aesthetics and how well you can see with clean windows!

Why Does Everyone Else Say “We Don’t Do Windows”?

Usually pressure washing companies don’t do windows. There’s a few reasons why:


Window washing takes time to master. It’s a different skill than pressure washing so in order for a company to “do windows” they would have to specially train all of their staff. There are many different types of windows and window sills. They also need to be done on both the interior and the exterior.

Time vs. Price

Most power washing companies are conflicted in this area. Power Washing usually costs the customer more money than window cleaning does. For the company, window washing takes much longer than power washing depending on the size of the property. Other companies usually don’t want to deal with a low cost service that takes twice as long as power washing.

Here at Annapolis Brothers Power Washing, we care about clean. It doesn’t matter if a service takes 1 hour of 4 hours, we take pride in making sure your home is as clean is we can get it. It doesn’t make sense to us to do such a great job on the driveway and siding and then leave the windows dusty because we don’t offer that. You don’t have to worry with us!

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Whitening and Gutter Polishing vs just Pressure Washing

When we do house washing for our residential customers, we power wash everything, including the gutters. Often we’ll advise that they get their gutters whitened and polished as well and many customers really don’t know what that is. 

Gutters, because they’re guides for rain and other liquid from your roof, often become oxidized over time. This leaves rust stains that can be unsightly, especially after your roof and siding has been cleaned. Gutter polishing is what turns stained and unsightly gutters into polished white gutters. 

When we wash a house, the gutters may get 10-15 minutes of time. Both the house and the gutters get a gentle but effective soft wash. Sometimes we find that even after power washing, the gutters need restoration. Annapolis Brothers Power Washing will actually set up scaffolding and ladders, and buff or polish and whiten the gutters. Some homes need it and some don’t. 

Why gutter cleaning is important

Cleaning the gutters around your roof isn’t the most fun thing to think about. Usually they contain water blocking substances such as leaves, branches, shingles, etc… It’s very easy to procrastinate when it comes to getting your gutters cleaned. Not doing so can lead to a number of problems that most homeowners don’t even think of the gutters as being the cause. 

There are a number of reasons to make sure your gutters are clutter free and clean. Here are some reasons:

Roof Damage

When leaves and other things clog up your gutters, this causes more time for water to pool on your roof. Water is not channeled to the ground the way it should be and either ends up spilling over the sides and pooling around your foundation, overwatering garden beds, or pooling on the roof causing your shingles and underlayment to rot. 


Clogged gutters can be a perfect place for critters such as birds and mosquitos

Cracks in Foundation

If water overflows from the gutters and isn’t channeled properly it can pool around your foundation, freeze in the winter, and cause cracks in your foundation. 

Damage to Gutters Themselves

When gutters are clogged and holding water, there’s a good chance that there’s extra weight being applied to them. This is enough to damage gutter brackets and cause bending or falling from the roof completely. 

Exterior House Cleaning

Concrete Driveways

Deck Restoration

Deck Washing

Fence Painting

Graffiti Removal

Gutter Cleaning

Power Washing

Roof Cleaning Soft Washing

Window Cleaning

Benefits of Professional Power Washing

1. Add Years of Life to Your Roof

True or False: Mold and algae on your home is not a big deal. The answer: False. Mold and algae are living things. Did you know that they feed on the limestone in your roof? It is the tar and asphalt that waterproof your roof, but the cheap limestone is there to give asphalt roofing shingles their heft, preventing them from flying off in a windy storm. Killing and then removing the mold and algae will allow your roof to keep the water out, and save you from an early roof replacement. Power washing mold and algae streaks off a roof is NOT just for looks. While anyone can perform simple exterior cleaning duties, it is safe to say that removing mold, mildew and grime is a task better left to the experts!

2. Have the Best Looking House in the Neighborhood

If you are putting your house up for sale, doing a spring cleaning, or getting ready for the holidays, we can clean your siding, gutters, porch, sidewalks and more. Curb appeal is no joke, and can help sell a house, or keep the neighbors happy, or just make you feel like a million bucks when you are entertaining company. Whatever the reason, call Annapolis Brothers today!

3. Time Saver

You have a lot on your plate. By delegating this task, you can spend your time tackling your already long to-do list. People think power washing is easy and that there is not much to it, but we beg to differ. You need experience, the right tools, and the skills to reach higher floors or to properly wash windows without damaging them, and kill mold without killing the plants around your house. Let our experience save you your valuable time.

4. Increase Value and Real Estate Appeal

There’s no argument – a clean house compared to a dirty house will win every time. Choosing us to help you clean up the exterior of your home is a no brainer. We want to help you get your home in the best shape possible to get it prepped and ready to sell! A clean house that looks good when you pull up, sells. Period.

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