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Deck Restoration – Reliable Service

Is your outdoor living space in need of some improvement? Just like the rest of your home, your patio also deserves and needs maintenance. Try our maintenance services today to get your deck back in shape. We have the right equipment and knowledge of how much pressure is needed for this job. We work with aluminum, wood, plastic, and polystyrene!

Pressure Washing or Soft Washing?

Wood is considered a more fragile material and therefore requires a gentler cleaning method. Pressure washing can splinter wood and leave your patio with a rough, unappealing texture. The best option is soft washing! This method is gentle on wood and tough on stains and mold. Let the detergents do the hard work and watch as all those mildew spots fade away! Soft washing is extremely beneficial because it doesn’t just eliminate contaminants, but it actually sanitizes and helps prevent future contaminant build up. It also is a good way to prep surfaces for exterior painting! We’ll leave your property in clean, sanitized condition. 

Patio Staining Services

Every few years or so your patio can begin to wear out and look aged. A quality stain and sealer will penetrate the wood grain to seal it while also allowing moisture to escape from the wood. It won’t chip, peel, or crack. The more tinting the stain has, the better protected your deck will be from fading and moisture. With our staining techniques we provide a high quality deck reviving service.

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Expert Deck Restoration in Anne Arundel County

We proudly offer professional sealing services that are quick and efficient so that you can get back to enjoying your outdoor space as soon as possible. We know how to restore patios in all stages of disrepair. Whether you need minor restoration or complete sealing services, you can trust our highly-trained team. If you need further home maintenance assistance, we are the top rated local deck restoration company.

When you choose our contractors, we will ensure you that your deck does not suffer further damages by using top quality stains to protect the wood. The key to long lasting and successful staining is maintaining the finish. We recommend that deep cleaning should be done on a yearly basis, and maintenance coats of stain should be applied every couple of years to ensure lasting results that will keep your deck looking ageless and beautiful. Save time and call the professionals. We come prepared for any size task you have waiting for us. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

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