Pressure Washing Your Maryland Home: The Best Time of Year

Pressure Washing Your Maryland Home: The Best Time of Year

With summer in full swing, many homeowners are thinking about power washing their Maryland home. But when is the best time of year to pressure wash a home? Is it better to do it now or wait until fall? These are all great questions and this blog post will answer them for you! We’ll discuss the pros and cons of both options so you can make an educated decision on when to schedule your pressure washing project.

No Hard and Fast Rule for Power Washing

We get it – it’s tempting to pressure wash your home during the warmer months. You might feel more motivated to take on exterior cleaning projects come spring and summer. There’s really no hard and fast rule as when you should pressure wash your house. In reality, it can be done in a variety of weather conditions.


Pressure washing in the spring has several benefits, one being that you lessen the amount of pollen and other allergens on the exterior surfaces. These particles can lower the air quality and, in some cases, contribute to respiratory issues if your allergies are really bad. You can freshen up your exterior living space with a nice pressure wash.


Giving your home a good cleaning is also great during the summer as most of the rainy season in Maryland is over (except for the occasional summer thunderstorm, of course). With less rain, the results will likely last longer if you decide to power wash your property from late June to August when the sun is out and there’s less chance for moisture build-up.


Fall is another perfect time of year for exterior maintenance as the temperatures are more moderate and you’re already in the mode to clean your property of fallen leaves and twigs. It’s best to remove all debris and particles around your home before the winter weather comes and freezes everything over. We like to call this “winterizing your home.” It’s good to clean the gutters, remove particles from your driveway and walkways, and eliminate mold and mildew from all surfaces before the freezing temps lock in moisture.


Winter is the one season in which we do NOT recommend pressure washing your property. The cold temperatures can cause the pressure washer machine to freeze and it’s not a good idea spraying water onto your property when it’s 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below as it will freeze on the surface(s), creating slip hazards and potential property damage.

The Best Time to Pressure Wash

After considering the pros and cons of pressure washing in each season, our overall recommendation for you is to schedule maintenance visits either during the fall or spring when the weather is moderate. During the fall, you’re preparing your home for winter by removing dirt and debris; in the spring, you’re cleansing your property of the winter moisture and keeping allergens in check.

In the end, it’s your decision! In addition to these suggestions, you need to consider what’s best for your specific needs and situation. Give Annapolis Brothers a call today and we’d be happy to help you make the best decision for your property.

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