Why Power Wash Your Driveway: The Top 5 Reasons

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Why Power Wash Your Driveway: The Top 5 Reasons

Your driveway is one of the most important parts of your home. Not only does it provide a place for you to park your car, but also a pathway that leads up to the front door. This means that no matter what season, or how many people come and go from your house every day, there will always be dirt and grime on the surface of your driveway. If not properly taken care of it can lead to damage in other areas as well – such as stains on the cement where water has been pooling or buildup along cracks in between slabs which could eventually lead to an entire slab cracking from all those layers being put on top of each other over time.

The first step towards this goal is power washing! This service can help reduce the number of cracks, while getting rid of dirt and grime. This will prevent weeds from sprouting up between slabs which could cause further damage to the surface.

#1 Power washing removes dirt particles

Rinsing removes dirt particles that have built up on the surface of your asphalt or concrete over time. This prevents the dirt from getting in between cracks and causing further damage.

It also gets rid of oil stains that have accumulated over time, which helps prevent water pooling when it rains during certain seasons. Plus, if you live along a coastline where salt is used on sidewalks or roads to decrease snow accumulation in winter – this leaves behind corrosive residue which can affect the integrity of your driveway.

 #2 Helps Protect Your Driveway After a Storm

This service will help keep contaminants from baking on to the surface after a rain storm.  Over time this can lead to discoloration or even rusting. A pressure washed surface will also help keep your garage floor clean which is especially important if you park inside the garage.

#3 Power Washing Provides a Protective Sealant

It will provide a sealant which protects against stains from penetrating into the asphalt or concrete.  Also, power washing reduces the chances of oil spills on your driveway as well as other contaminants such as dirt and grease.  If you have children this is an important consideration because they may be playing near the area where oil was spilled and it could make them sick.

#4 Protects From Pests and Critters

Power washing can reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard by getting rid of their breeding ground on sidewalks or driveways that have puddles from rainwater sitting on them.  This is especially important during warm weather when these insects are prevalent, particularly if you have children who want to play outside.

#5 Power Washing Reduces Moss Growth

Moss can really wreak havoc on concrete or asphalt. It is a great way to get rid of built up moss that has formed on some areas over time. It works by using a pressurized water stream to knock off dirt, oil and stains from the surface. This leaves your driveway looking brand new, and ready to be enjoyed!

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