7 Things to do for an Exterior Spring Cleaning

7 Things to do for an Exterior Spring Cleaning

Finally the cold is about to be over. As you hit the malls, they remind you that Spring is around the corner! It’s time to start on that Outdoor Spring Cleaning.

Here are some major exterior areas you need to account for:

The Windows

From Fall to Spring-pollen and dirt, your window desperately needs a clean down. Make sure you take time to wash them down and clean them once the pollen has settled in.

  • A white vinegar and water mix of half and half makes an awesome natural window cleaner.
  • Best to clean when there is shade to keep the cleaner from drying out too fast.
  • Using crumpled up newspaper is great to dry your windows

The Window Screens

Your window screens are very important to clean, since that’s where dirt gets stuck and enters in your home.

  • You can clean the screens by soaking it in a children’s wading pool that is filled with soapy water. As it is soaked, use a soft scrub to take the dirt away. After, you can hose the screen down.
  • If you need to repair the screens because of small holes, you can use coats of clear nail polish. If you have big holes or tears, the best way is replacing it with a new screen.

The Gutters

You can be suprised what’s laying on your gutters if not checked yearly. Don’t overlook this project of spring cleaning.

  • Make a gutter scooper jusy by cutting down a plastic container like an antifreeze jug. It will be easy to collect the debris
  • You may encounter clogging at the downspouts. So use a plumber’s snake or run water through them.
  • Look for any leaks at the gutter joints and use a gutter sealant to close them when dry.

The Roof

This is a good time to check your roof for any damages caused by the winter season.

  • Search for any missing or torned shingles that may need repair
  • Pay careful attention to areas or openings that can have leaks and seal the gaps with roofing cement
  • Use roofing cement to cover nail heads that are exposed

The Driveway

Your Driveway needs maintenance periodically

  • Remove any weeds, grass, moss that are growing on the cracks
  • Thorough cleaning is followed by a pressure washer to remove grime, algae and dirt
  • Patch the cracks with a concrete resurfacer
  • Applying a coat of latex asphalt sealer can make your driveway looking new

The Grill

The Grill is just as important to prepare of the warmer days ahead.

  • Clean the wire racks to remove any rust that was formed from the cold season using a wire brush with a degreasing detergent
  • Check the burners on gas grills for rust or for clogging.
  • If the outer surface of your grill needs painting, sand first and than use a high heat spray paint.

The Deck

The outer elements can wear down your deck easily if not maintained. If you don’t have a good pressure washer the Annapolis Brothers are professionals in deck staining and power washing.

  • Use a pump up sprayer with a deck cleaner solvent to apply it on the deck.
  • Once the cleaner has penetrated the surface, use a pressure washer to clean it out.
  • If you need to refinish the deck, first apply a sealer or a stain before using the deck.
Regular Deck Maintenence

If you have a deck where your family gatherings take place, take a look on deck maintanence and staining. If you want your deck to last longer, you must take the time to keep it in good shape.





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