Can Power Washing Damage Concrete?

Can Power Washing Damage Concrete?

There are no skills required to figure out how to turn on a pressure washer, aim and pull the trigger, which makes it appealing that just about anyone can use the machine. However, while the basics of power washing can be quickly and easily learned, using this powerful machine effectively without causing damage to yourself, someone else or your property is another thing entirely. So, the question is “Can Power Washing Damage Concrete?” The short answer is yes, it does have the ability to. When an inexperienced person handles a power washer and does not have the proper training they will not know which nozzle to use, the appropriate pressure, and understanding just how powerful this machine can be.

What Could Happen To The Surface?

When many people think of concrete, they believe it to be extremely durable and as an impenetrable surface but this is not always the case. It can be easily damaged when a pressure washer gets into the hands of an inexperienced person. Most of the time visible damage done to concrete usually shows in the form of pitting, lines or general surface degradation. A power washing machine also has the ability to remove the protective layer that your concrete has, and once this is taken off, your surface will be further exposed to the natural elements.

Additionally, with a lack of knowledge of how to properly use the machine, most individuals tend to hold the spraying wand way too close to the surface of the hardscape and directly spray water in the same place for too long- which therefore causes damage to the concrete.

Benefits of Professional Power Washing Services:

Ignoring oil stains and mildew build up will lead to permanent damage for your driveway or patio. This is why we highly recommend having your stained and dirty concrete professionally cleaned on a regular basis to prevent damage and costly repairs. Our driveways and patios are meant to last a long time, with proper preservation and maintenance you will be saving yourself money now and in the future. Power washing:

  • Protects Against Harmful Bacteria
  • Preventative Maintenance for your Home
  • Increases Your Home’s Value
  • Instantly Improves Curb Appeal

Pressure Washing Also Works Great On:

  • Fencing
  • Garage Door
  • Outdoor Grills
  • Walkways
  • Decks
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Swimming Pools
  • Decorative Statues

Power Washing Safety Tips

Pressure washers come with all sizes of nozzles ranging from 0 degrees to about 40 degrees. The higher the number, the wider the spray pattern and potentially less dangerous the stream of water will be. Reports strongly advise not to use a 0-degree nozzle at all because it poses an unnecessary safety risk. Water concentrated to such a fine point can pierce many surfaces and cause damage.

Do It The Right Way!

Although it is possible to damage concrete with a power washer, if the service is performed by a professional pressure washing company the chances of damage are very unlikely. Trained and certified employees understand how to use the machine for the benefit of cleaning dirt, mold, and stains from the concrete. The mix between commercial detergents, water temperature, and specialized techniques will leave your surfaces spotless.

Power washing is known to be one of the most effective ways to restore the beauty of driveways, patios, and other cement surfaces. Save your money and time, and clean your concrete the right way, by calling your local power washers.

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