Discover All The Fun You Can Get At United States Naval Academy

Thinking of joining the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland? Well, here are a few fun things you should look out for during your time at the academy.

Many people when talking about the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, tend to portray it as a place where you simply can’t have any fun. As such, a good number of potential midshipmen end up not applying to join the academy. So is this true? Better yet, can you be able to have fun at the United States Naval Academy? Well, a simple answer to this is yes.

Just like any other college, students at United State Naval Academy can help ease up the hustle that comes with being in college by taking part in fun and entertaining activities. Luckily, the United State Naval Academy has in place a number of fun activities midshipmen can part in while in school. These activities include;

  • Pranks
  • Binge-Watching
  • Quiet Waters Park
  • Eating
  • Go Navy! Beat Army!
  • Shopping


Top on the list of fun things to do while at the United States Naval Academy is carrying out pranks. If you are new, pranks as a way of entertaining yourself and others at United State Naval Academy is definitely surprising but for hardened midshipmen this a very common practice especially during Army-Navy week.

Playing a prank on one of the midshipmen always leaves a smile on a couple of faces. In fact, some midshipmen are super creative with their pranks that they’ll actually leave you with tears of joy. Fun fact, you can be able to find some of these pranks on YouTube, so if you would like to relieve a moment feel free to do so.

Worth noting also is that some midshipmen, instead of pulling out pranks, prefer making hilarious music video parodies. So if you are bored with the pranks or simply not a big fan of them, then you are definitely going to love the hilarious music video. Again, you’ll be able to find most of these music video parodies on YouTube.      


Other than pranks midshipmen at United States Naval Academy also have the option of seating back and getting to enjoy some of their favourite shows on Netflix. With thousands of TV shows and movies to choose from that touch across all genres, you are bound to find a movie or TV show that perfectly meets your taste.

Even better, Netflix is known for adding new and entertaining movies as well as TV shows on a daily basis, so you can easily get to binge-watch some of the hottest and newest shows or movies at the comfort of your bed. While settling for Netflix and chill remember to have in your possession a few snacks for the movie and TV shows.

Quiet Waters Park

If you are looking for an escape from the regular day to day life at the United States Naval Academy then visiting Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, Maryland is an ideal option. With this particular park, you get the option of taking part in nature walks, taking a jog in the park, riding a bicycle or even participating in some of the water sport activities the park has.

For instance, you can settle on canoeing or kayaking. Worth noting about the water sport activities available at this park is that they do rent out a number of gears required for just about each and every sport. This ultimately makes it super easy to just come and enjoy quality time at the park,


If you love yourself a quality meal or simply love to eat just like any other college student then you’ll definitely love your time at the United States Naval Academy. Why is this? Well, there are lots of great eateries in Annapolis, Maryland that you can visit. Even better, they do have an eatery for just about any type of meal including one that specializes in all things seafood. So if you find yourself craving some nice quality meal or simply love eating good food then you’ll definitely love United States Naval Academy.   

Go Navy! Beat Army!

Another ideal fun activity that’s worth mentioning and one you should definitely look out for when at the United States Naval Academy is their annual Go Navy! Beat Army competition. What is this you ask? Well, as you can tell by the name itself it’s a competitive game between the navy and the army. Fun fact, these two factions have a rivalry that dates back over a hundred years and it’s all thanks to this annual competition. Even better, there are usually several fun things that happen on the side that are not really sport-related including well thought out pranks.


I know what some of you might be thinking, shopping? Yes, shopping. Despite the fact that just about everyone who enters United States Naval Academy gets taken care of in just about every way, we all need some retail therapy once in a while. Luckily, United Naval Academy is located close to some of the best malls in the country. Furthermore, shops and stores like The Craft and Target also make super easy to step out and spoil yourself a little. You can even take a break from the institution’s vigorous schedule to appreciate everything at the mall as you window shop what you just might be purchasing in the near future.


While these are just some of the fun activities you can take part in while at United State Naval Academy, it is good to point out that they also do have some in-house games that’ll definitely have you going especially if you are a person who loves all things sports.

Even better, you can opt to simply relax during one weekend and relax at your sponsor’s house. And yes, they do have sponsors in United States Naval Academy. In most cases, sponsors tend to treat midshipmen to brunch or even interesting outside activities whenever they stop by.

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