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Do you want to experience a personalized horse carriage ride in Annapolis? Well, read on to see how you can do just that thanks to Annapolis Carriages.  

If you are after an iconic experience that is unmatched then a carriage ride through Annapolis, Maryland is a must-try activity. In fact, if you happen to be visiting Annapolis, you should make a point of taking up a carriage ride. With this particular activity, you’ll be cruising down the streets of Annapolis on-board an old-fashioned open-air vintage carriage, a perfect place to be if you simply want to relax and take the beautiful sights in Annapolis. Worth noting about horse carriage rides in Annapolis is that there are a number of companies that offer such services.

One such company that is known for being the very best when it comes to horse carriage rides is Annapolis Carriage. There are several reasons why this is so and in this post, we’ll get into them in detail. We’ll also highlight the horse carriage ride services that they offer to those that visit the beautiful city of Annapolis.

Annapolis Carriages Overview

If top on the line horse carriage is what you are after in Annapolis then there is one stop you should make and that is Annapolis Carriage. They pride themselves for having the top of the line carriages, perfect for just about any occasion. Service you can expect once you’ve settled on Annapolis as your go-to horse carriage company include a decorated and braided horse mane, a Coachman Footman and a Just Married sign for those seeking their services for their wedding.

That said it is good to point out that they also do offer their services for those with special events that are not necessarily weddings. For instance, let’s say you have an anniversary, parties or even celebrating graduation. Do keep in mind however that they do have a limitation on the area of travel. As such, they do ask that one relays their desires in good time so as to ensure that there are no difficulties moving forward.    

Carriages In Annapolis

As already mentioned, horse carriages in Annapolis is an experience to be beheld. In fact, for first-time visitors, it offers an iconic experience. This, however, is something that you can only get to experience if you settle with the right horse carriage thus the need for Annapolis Carriages. Once you’ve done this, a typical carriage ride with Annapolis Carriage allows you to experience the city as one of our forefathers.

Even better, you’ll have someone through the trip narrating to you the history of the city. In fact, depending on the route you end up taking, you’ll listen to a personally narrated historic street tour. You’ll also have a coachman with you who’ll point out a great deal of history about Annapolis while at the same time letting you feel the old times of popular political figures like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

Also, an experience that is definitely going to stay with you as you tour the quaint little town on board a horse carriage by Annapolis Carriages is the beautiful sounds of the horse’s clip-clop. All in all, you can expect a relaxing tour onboard a vintage carriage once you settle for a carriage ride in Annapolis with Annapolis Carriages.

Worth Noting About Annapolis Carriages

There are several things worth noting when it comes to carriage rides offered by Annapolis Carriage. One such thing is time, in particular when you choose to go for your carriage ride. That said, they are known for offering rides throughout the day, however, it is best that you take an early ride through the city. Why is this? Well, you’ll be avoiding harsh warm conditions especially if you were to have your tour during summer, spring or fall when it can get extremely hot during the day.

In addition to time of the day when you should take your carriage, it is worth noting that despite having two tours on the same Annapolis route, you will actually end up having a different experience. Why is this so? Well, they do have different guides and just like in any trip, the guides make up any trip. In other words, the guides are the ones who’ll make your trip worthwhile. With Annapolis Carriages you can expect smart guides who are also very energetic and funny. They don’t follow any scripts so expect to surprised, in a good way, at any given point of your ride.

Another thing worth noting when talking of Annapolis Carriages is the carriage ride itself. While it is common for your carriage to be pulled by a draft horse, there are some instances where your carriage will actually be drawn by mules. Yes, mules.

Fun fact, mules were traditionally the animal of choice when it came to matters carriage rides. It is actually recently that horses started to be used on carriages. It is always best to note the difference so that you are not surprised during the day of your trip. Either way, you should expect to have a comfortable ride whether your carriage is being drafted by a mule or horse.

Equally important is paying attention to when you actually choose to book your carriage ride. As with other industries, there are peak times when booking a carriage ride can be tricky. Not only will it be hard finding a carriage ride but you might as well be required to pay more for your carriage.

Therefore, if you want to have options and also want to pay slightly less for your ride then it is best to book during off-peak season. If you do however want to plan your ride during the on-peak season, make sure that you book your ride way in advance. This will help you have a wide variety of option on the type of ride you actually end up having in Annapolis, Maryland.


Horse carriage rides in Annapolis, Maryland is a fun and exhilarating activity that everyone visiting the city should experience. With the number of horse carriage companies increasing by the day, you’ll always find one that matches your budget and schedule, that’s if Annapolis Carriage is not a good fit for you.

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