Gluten-Free Restaurants In Annapolis, Maryland

Searching for an ideal restaurant in Annapolis, Maryland where you can enjoy your favorite gluten-free meal? Well, read on for a list of Gluten-Free restaurants in Annapolis, Maryland.

With many people adopting special diets for different reasons, you are bound to find many people developing a very particular type of meal. This is usually a specific cuisine in most cases for instance Indian & Mexican or even a special diet for individuals who are more health-conscious like vegan or vegetarian eaters. Fortunately, more and more restaurants are taking note of this and as such, they are shaping their menus accordingly.

What this means is that you can be able to find a restaurant around the corner that offers a specific type of food that you want and like. That said this post we’ll be highlighting restaurants in Annapolis, Maryland that cater to those are more health-conscious. In particular, below you’ll find a list of restaurants in Annapolis that have shaped their menus around options for vegetarians, vegans, and most important gluten-free eaters.

The Annapolis restaurants we’ll highlight below are;

  • Miss Shirley’s Café
  • Galway Bay Irish Restaurant
  • Café Normandie
  • Potato Valley Café
  • Preserve
  • Vida Taco Bar

Miss Shirley’s Café

First to be featured in this list of restaurants in Annapolis, Maryland that offer the very best when it comes to gluten-free meals is Miss Shirley’s Café. Located at 1 Park Place in Annapolis, Miss Shirley’s Café prides itself in having a wide variety of meals on its menu specifically for health-conscious individuals. Even better they see to it that they not only offer a wide variety of meals for individuals who are health-conscious but also meals that are extremely tasty. In fact, their Fried Green Tomatoes meal was voted the best in Annapolis in Maryland, Southern Living Magazine. Worth noting also about Miss Shirley’s Café is that you have the option of dining in, asking for a delivery or picking up your order yourself.

Galway Bay Irish Restaurant

Galway Bay Irish Restaurant had to feature in this list of gluten-free restaurants in Annapolis, Maryland. What many people love about this restaurant when it comes to all things gluten-free meals is their ability to offer something new. With Galway Bay Irish Restaurant, you can expect your typical gluten-free meal to have a slight tweak.

But not to worry as its all for better, in fact, some will argue that all the tweaking actually makes their meal even better. you can always get to experience this on your own by making your way to Galway Bay Irish Restaurant. It is located at 63 Maryland Avenue.

Café Normandie 

Café Normandie is another one of those gluten-free restaurants in Annapolis where you’ll find a little twist with your typical gluten-free meal. Located at 185 Main St, Café Normandie prides itself in being able to modify most of their French country cuisine to gluten-free meal. If you happen to visit this amazing restaurant there are a few meals you definitely try out.

These meals are their pasta primavera, mix of broccoli, yellow squash, mushrooms, asparagus and zucchini. They also serve a marvellous grilled vegetable platter that features white rice and eight vegetables. Like many restaurants in Annapolis, Café Normandie has the option of dining in, delivery as well as pickup ups.

Potato Valley Café

Looking for a nice, elegant and simple restaurant where you can get to enjoy casual dining? Well, look no further than Potato Valley Café. Located at 47 State Circle #100, Annapolis, this restaurant prides itself in offering the very best when it comes to baked potatoes. Their creations include “south of the valley” potato with beans, some mango and lime, roasted onions, garlic butter as well as some feta, spinach and roasted garlic.

While baked potatoes are their speciality, they are known for serving up other tasty meals that are gluten-free. This includes a native grilled corn salad and the Salada Mexicana. With the grilled corn salad you get a meal that contains mixed greens, grilled corn, avocado, grilled potatoes (of course), and mango. The Salada Mexicana, on the other hand, is packed with jalapeno sour cream, salsa, greens, mango, cheddar, blue corn chips and avocado.


Ask anyone in Annapolis, Maryland where you can get the very best in pickled, preserved and fermented dishes and you are likely to recommend Preserve. Located at 164 Main St., Annapolis, Preserve is a popular choice for many who have made a decision to be health-conscious with what they eat. At Preserve, you can expect to a variety of tasty healthy meals including their crispy kale starter which is basically a vegetarian dish that’s made with some pepper jelly, red onion and cumin yoghurt. Fun fact, this is not only one of their signature dish but also a crowd favourite and for good reason.

Their cider-braised Roseda Farm beef is another ideal option for those who are after gluten-free meals that are tasty. There is also grilled mushroom cake which is basically roasted trumpet mushrooms, leek puree, cilantro and pickled leek rings. Another ideal option at Preserve for anyone who’s looking for the best gluten-free meal is their pork and sauerkraut that’s served with creamy mashed potatoes.

Vida Taco Bar

The Vida Taco Bar is another ideal restaurant in Annapolis if you are after gluten-free meals. As you can tell from the name, Vida Taco Bar serves up tasty gluten-free tacos made with ground beef, chopped tomatoes, some cumin, pepper, paprika and lots of other great ingredients. Also worth noting about Vida Taco Bar is that it is celiac friendly. The next time you are in Annapolis and crave some gluten-free tacos, always see to it that your make your way to Vido Taco Bar for the very best in gluten-free tacos.


Worth noting about the restaurants mentioned above is that they are not the only ones that serve gluten-free meals in Annapolis, Maryland. They are simply among the best. So if one happens to be slightly far, we encourage you to search for one that’s close to you. Always check feedbacks to make a decision as to whether you should dine at a particular gluten-free restaurant or not.

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