How to Achieve Streak-Free Windows: What the Pros Do

Every Homeowners Frustration When Washing Windows

You want your glass to be crystal clear so you set aside your plans to finally take care of this chore. You clean and clean all morning, but they still are not quite clear! What is happening?

Does it annoy you when after washing your windows, they still have streaks on them? It may be surprising to know that in most cases, the streaks are not caused by a dirty surface. They’re usually a result of a poor cleaning method.

Why Are My Windows Still Dirty?

You may have noticed that there are thin, transparent layers on the surface, especially after washing them. These thin layers are known as ‘film forming deposits’ and they’re created when minerals in the applied solution dry out and bond with the surface of the glass.The reason behind this can be explained by looking at what makes up glass: sand (silica), lime (calcium carbonate) and potash (potassium carbonate). All of which occur naturally in the form of gemstones.

The Method The Pros Use

The best way to prevent these film-forming deposits from occurring is to use the ‘two bucket method’. Mix your cleaning solution with water in a bucket and keep separate. You dip your cloth or mop into this mixture and wipe down the window with it, instead of spraying directly onto glass like most companies do. Spray on a separate cloth so you can control the amount of liquid.

That is not all; you should also avoid using any cloth that sheds fibres onto the surface. Microfibre cloths are far better for this job as they wipe down surfaces with no lint or dirt attached to them. If you try to do the whole window at once, you will leave a trail of dirt and film behind.

Now that you have your cleaning solution and cloths sorted, do not forget to squeegee the window after you have finished washing it. Before ‘buffing’ or polishing the glass dry with a microfibre towel, wipe over the surface with a squeegee as this prevents scratches and smears.

Now You Have Streak-Free Windows

Window cleaning is a hard job, but you can at least make it easier on yourself by using the right methods. Once they are clear and sparkling, it doesn’t only look better on the outside of your house, but also feels a lot more comfortable and inviting on the inside. We hope that this guide will help you achieve a streak-free shine that you can be proud of. For a professional company that can help you achieve your window goals, contact Annapolis Brothers Power Washing today!

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