Is Power Washing the Same as Pressure Washing? Find Out Once and For All!

What Is the Difference Between Power and Pressure Washing?

Power cleaning and pressure cleaning are commonly confused terms when discussing home improvement projects. The two words describe a slightly different process, though they often go hand-in-hand. But what really is the difference between the two?

Power cleaning is a subset of pressurized cleaning. They are not the same thing, though they may be used with the same tool. Power rinsing implies that water is being pushed through a nozzle with some force – it’s not just about force; it’s about flow.

What is Pressure Washing?

This method is a cleaning process that applies forceful water to remove dirt, allergens, stains, and other substances from a rough area. It is accomplished with equipment that creates a strong stream of high-pressure to clean the area. It can be done on many types of surfaces including decks, patios, siding, soffits, roofs, walls, fences

What is Power Washing?

This method is an intense cleaning process which cleans deep into surfaces using high-pressurized water. The difference is in the nozzle. The nozzle spits out water at a much higher PSI, creating a forceful clean. Surfaces that should not you this service include:

  • Composite materials
  • Freshly applied stucco or plaster, which can be damaged by excess moisture. Wait at least three weeks after application.
  • Brick surfaces should not because water penetrates the porous brick material and could reach the supporting wall structure behind it, possibly leading to costly repair work.
  • Wood surfaces should not because the force can damage wood fibers, leading to peeling and flaking in paint or stain materials. Wood surfaces should only be cleaned with a soft-bristled brush, broom, and soft rinsing.

Should I DIY Pressure Washing?

Both processes are very effective for getting the job done, but there are risks involved. The equipment can be dangerous if not operated properly and according to the manufacturers’ specifications. There have been many injuries including lacerations, chemical burns and even paralysis resulting from improper use of equipment over the years.

Not having the proper training and certifications can also lead to damages to your property. If you do not feel comfortable using this equipment, hire a professional service. Each of our technicians at Annapolis Brothers Power Washing have gone through rigorous training programs to ensure they are properly equipped to handle your job.

Pressure rinsing methods can be very effective, but it’s important to choose the right process for the right job. You don’t want to make a mistake or damage something you’ll later regret. Many make the right choice in hiring a professional.

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