Live Life As A Pirate In Pirate Adventures On The Chesapeake

Ever wanted to live life like a pirate? Well, you can be able to do just that by taking part in Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake. Read on for more on this amazing adventure.

For many kids, some adults included, living life as a pirate is something to be desired. This is more-so the case if they are big fans of the movie “Pirates of The Caribbean”. Luckily, there is one spot in America that has for years now been making this fantasy a reality for many. Just in case you are wondering, am talking about Chesapeake Pirates. Situated in Annapolis, Maryland Chesapeake Pirates allows pirate lovers nationwide to live life as a pirate by making it possible to sail away aboard a pirate cruise in search of sunken treasure in the Annapolis harbour. Even better, they do offer added services, all pirate-based that are perfect for any kid that loves all things pirates.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you all there is to know about Chesapeake Pirates. So if you planning on living life as a pirate or simply visiting Chesapeake Pirates in Annapolis, Maryland, read on to learn more on how they’ll help you achieve just that in the best way possible.

To better highlight what Chesapeake Pirates offers when it comes to matters pirate adventures as well as being able to live the pirate life, this post will focus on the following;

  • Chesapeake Pirates’ Pirate Adventures On The Chesapeake
  • Chesapeake Pirates’ Pop Up Story Time
  • Chesapeake Pirates Field Trips
  • Pirate Birthday Parties At Chesapeake Pirates

Chesapeake Pirates’ Pirate Adventures On The Chesapeake

When highlighting or simply talking about Chesapeake Pirates in Annapolis, Maryland, it’s only right that one starts with their pirate adventures. Why is this? Well, it’s a very popular option with just about every little pirate that visits Chesapeake Pirates. So what does it involve? Well, it simply makes it possible for kids to live life as pirates.

Once onboard, staffers at Chesapeake Pirates see to it that they tap into wonders of kid’s imagination. Even better, the pirate adventures offered by Chesapeake Pirates are family-friendly meaning you can as well come on board and get to witness first hand your kid living life as a pirate as he or she searches for sunken treasure. There are even water cannons that your kid will be allowed to fire once they are on board.

Chesapeake Pirates’ Pop-Up Story Time

In addition to their pirate’s adventure, Chesapeake Pirates also has a Pop-Up pirate storytime provided by Discoveries which is basically the library at the mall together with the Anne Arundel County Library. Worth noting about this pop-up storytime is that they are basically themed stories about pirate adventures. To make sure that the kids really get immersed in the stories, the stories are told in a themed pirate space.

Furthermore, the kids will also take part in pirate-themed movement activities, rhymes as well as finger play. And when all is done and dusted the kids who’ve taken part in the storytime will be able to sail away on the real adventure. If you are planning on making your kid(s) attend these pirate-themed storytimes, do keep in mind that it is on May 22nd and June 12th, all dates on a Friday this year. Also worth noting is that the storytelling is a free event and welcomes parents or caregivers participation.     

Chesapeake Pirates Field Trips

Another service offered by Chesapeake Pirates aimed at helping kid live the life as a pirate is their field trips. Basically, pirate-themed filled trips offered by Chesapeake Pirates are normally unforgettable. Even better, it offers an interactive experience for kids taking part. Worth noting about these trips, especially for parents and caregivers is that these field trips, despite being fun and entertaining, are also a dynamic teaching tool.

This in mind, it is also good to point out that these trips are normally conducted by our staff who are not only certified teachers but also energetic to help bring in some energy to the trip. Hence, kids taking part, in addition to having fun exploring more about pirate life can easily develop map skills; learn of new nautical terms as well as maritime history.

For parents bringing their kids to take part in Chesapeake Pirates’ field trips do keep in mind that there are no meals provided during the trip. However, there is an option of packing lunch for your kid(s). Your kid will be allowed to either eat their lunch before or after the trip. There is an indoor party room on site perfect for having lunch with other kids.  

Pirate Birthday Parties At Chesapeake Pirates 

If your kid’s birthdays coming up anytime and really want to surprise him or her in a good way then planning for a pirate birthday party at Chesapeake Pirates is the way to go. Not only are birthday parties hosted at this venue and by Chesapeake Pirates memorable but also fun and entertaining. To ensure that your kid gets the full experience, the team at Chesapeake Pirates will see to it that the birthday is held onboard a ship, yes a real pirate ship.

Even better, it will be a pirate-themed party with every detail taken into account. So if you are really keen on fulfilling your kid’s dream of celebrating or having a real pirate-themed birthday party then letting Chesapeake Pirates handle everything for you is the way to go.

Parents who choose to accompany their kids during their birthday party have the option of relaxing on the boat while taking in the beautiful sights of Annapolis Harbour. At the same time, their kid(s), birthday kid, will be receiving all the attention of the party.

If you are planning on taking you kid to enjoy any of the services offered by Chesapeake Pirates always see to it that you check on timings to make sure that you do not miss out any activities. Once you’ve done that, simply relax and get to see your kid have the best time of his life at Chesapeake Pirates.

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