Looking For A Place To Spend Time With Your Family? Visit Quiet Waters Park

If you are looking for a spot or place in Maryland where you and your family can go and have some fun then you should definitely visit Quiet Waters Park. To help you know what to expect and also help you decide whether to go or not, this post highlights everything there is to know about Quiet Waters Park.

If you are in or planning on visiting Annapolis, Maryland with your family and at the same time keen on ensuring that you all have the best of time then paying a visit to Quiet Waters Park is a must-do activity. This crown jewel of Annapolis, Maryland boasts a number of fun-filled and entertaining activities that’ll definitely leave everyone happy and smiling. To help you get it right, even if it’s your first time visiting, below we’ve highlighted all there is to know about this park. This also includes some of the attractions you should look out for during your visit to this wonderful park.

Quiet Waters Park Overview

Situated between the Harness Creek and South River, Quiet Waters Park is known to have opened its door to the public back in 1990 on Labour Day.

Before this however, a lot happened including a political fight which, James Lighthizer, the then-County Executive Officer, described as the toughest he has ever been involved in his 16 years career in politics. Also worth noting about this park is that the land where it sits today was actually purchased by a group of developers whose main intentions back then was to build 250 luxury homes.

This plan, however, didn’t come to be following an uproar by different communities. In October 1987, the city of Annapolis together with Lighthizer intervened and helped the county purchase the land. Back then, where this park sits today was a farm. It was later on that the county, following what Baltimore had achieved with their Druid Hill Park, decided to build a park which ended up costing a total of $12 million.

Quiet Waters Park Amenities

Quiet Waters Park is known for having a number of useful amenities including a Visitors Centre where individuals who visit the park can easily find all the information they are searching for about the park in one place. Other amenities at the park include;

  • Boat Launch Dock & Rental
  • Concert Stage
  • Blue Heron Centre
  • Dog Beach & Park
  • Pavilions

Boat Launch Dock & Rental

If you and your family love to take part in water sports then Quiet Waters Park’s boat launch dock and rental is an amenity you’ll definitely be using. In other words, if you and your family love water sports then you are going to enjoy your time at Quiet Waters Park. The park makes it possible for families or just about anyone to take part in a number of water sport activities including kayaking and canoeing.

That said, you’ll be able to place your kayaks or canoes. The rental services allow for one to rent a rowboat(s), pedal boat(s), canoe(s), kayak(s) or even paddleboards and bicycles just to mention a few. So if you don’t have a gear for your favourite water sport there is no need to worry or panic, simply make your way to Quiet Waters Park and you’ll be sorted.  

Concert Stage

Quiet Waters Park also boasts a concert stage where you can and should expect to see a number of performances. What type of performances you ask? Well, free musical concerts and events. In most cases, the concerts and events at Quiet Waters Park are hosted by Friends of Quiet Waters Park.

In most cases, the events and concerts are usually free and most importantly appropriate for each and every member of the family regardless of age. It is good to point out however that the concerts and events at Quiet Waters Park are usually not on all the time so it’s best to confirm on dates and timing before going if you are visiting the park with your family for this particular reason.    

Blue Heron Centre

The Blue Heron Centre is a very popular amenity with those that actually visit the park. What is it? Well, it’s an indoor banquet hall. In most cases, the Blue Heron Centre plays host to a number of events and activities. However, there are three events that are popular with the Blue Heron Centre and they are weddings, conferences and any formal event.

Weddings are particularly very popular as Quiet Waters Park also boasts a picturesque landscape that includes terraces with fountains. If you are looking to host an event at the Blue Heron Centre, let’s say a family get together, a birthday or even a wedding, it is good to note that it seats up to 150 people comfortably. Worth noting is that the centre also has a kitchen making it easy to actually host events that involve people consuming goods.   

Dog Beach & Park

If you and your family have a dog and happen to be in Annapolis, Maryland and want to take it out for a walk while at the same time getting to enjoy quality time as a family then Quiet Waters Park is the ideal spot. This park boasts a dedicated dog beach and park. So what can you expect here? Well, the dog beach, which is located in the southernmost part of the park, makes for a perfect beach setting for you and your dog to enjoy. Worth noting about both the dog beach and dog park at Quiet Waters Park is that they all have a chain-link fence. This makes it easy to interact and play with your dog without its leash knowing everything is safe.


Another reason why you should visit Quiet Waters Park with your family is a picnic. If you and your family love having picnics then you’ll definitely enjoy your time at Quiet Waters Park. In addition to having lots of great spaces for a picnic, they do have pavilions that make for an ideal picnic spot. This is especially so if you happen to have a big family. You can as well choose to host a family celebration if one of the pavilions at Quiet Waters Park. Worth noting about the pavilions at this park is that they currently have two small and four large pavilions all covered and most importantly have picnic tables and grills.

If you are planning on visiting Quiet Waters Park, it is always best to check to with them to see if what you want to do is actually possible. The easiest way you can do this is by visiting the official Quiet Waters Park online site.  

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